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Illustrations by Rune Marie Nielsen

Did you know that I also write and illustrate books? I illustrate for a wide variety of publications and I have also published my own graphic novel.

Illustrations for the Brave New Girls anthologies,

Other illustrations

Digital Art and Mixed Media
More to come soon!
(to see my full Instagram feed, go to @runepainter)

Luris: Memories of Dreams

Manga (graphic novel) for teens and older

Luris: Memories of Dreams follows the unfortunate life story of M---, a young adult suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to amnesia induced by the Ptsd, M--- cannot remember many details from her past. What remains in her memory are fragments of dreams that must be traversed in order to piece together the reality that traumatized her. Though often strange and ambiguous, her dreams hold the keys that will empower her to face and overcome the terrible events of her past and the deepest fears of her inner self.

Available in paperback and e-book format at most online book retailers. Click here to view the book on Amazon.

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